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John Krawlzik, Author at Imageworks Film & Video

The Secret of Film

Dunkirk movie posterA few weeks ago, I went to see the new Christopher Nolan movie Dunkirk. I knew the movie had been shot entirely on film, both Imax and 65mm. (large, large formats – much better resolution than standard 35mm film). The IMAX digital theater in our local town is a pale reflection of what I’d seen years ago when IMAX was a film-projected format. Let me digress a moment…

IMAX was invented as a huge film-projected format way back in the 1970s when dinosaurs roamed the earth. The film that ran through the camera was 65mm wide, but it was flipped on its side for maximum image area. The biggest problem was designing cameras and projectors that could run these enormous gobs of film at 24 frames per second without literally exploding celluloid into the atmosphere. The cameras were heavy, didn’t hold much film (also really heavy) and were difficult to make silent while moving that much film. Not being one who uses superlatives gratuitously, the images were stunning, with a depth and resolution unlike anything I’d seen before or since. (Think 4K magnified by at least 4). When you went to see an IMAX film back then, that’s what you got. The down side was that most IMAX theaters were in museums or other science/touristy locations. The films were almost all documentary based and ran around 30-40 minutes. That was then.

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